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    Annie’s Girly Bathroom Makeover Renovation Before & After

    bathroom remodel diy easy girly bathroom

    Our Girl’s Bathroom DIY Project

    Almost immediately after we started working on Annie’s nursery, I was ready to start in her bathroom! I wanted to simply rip the old wallpaper down and paint the walls/vanity… but her Daddy had other plans. This bathroom didn’t have a fan and I think the humidity from the shower over the years had basically peeled the wallpaper from the wall. It made me sad because I actually really loved the print on the wallpaper and probably wouldn’t have changed it. I thought updating the light fixture and adding a pop of color on the vanity would have been plenty of an update for me.

    This is what the bathroom looked before.

    The Plan

    So instead of letting me just simply finish peeling down the wallpaper and painting, Brian suggested putting a new tile in the bathroom instead of linoleum. I was fine with that decision, but then he got really ambitious and wanted to gut the entire shower and raise the ceiling. I thought he was crazy. Apparently the little header area above the shower made the shower height very short. Y’all know if all of these big ideas would have been my own, he would’ve shot me down but I’m glad they were his because he made them happen! This is the list of all we wanted to accomplish:

    • New flooring
    • New walls/paint after removing wallpaper & patching rough spots
    • Raise ceiling & add new sheetrock/mud
    • New light fixtures + add new light box
    • Add fan and shower light
    • Remove tub/shower insert + Add tile to shower walls
    • Remove huge mirror + Add framed vanity mirrors
    • New toilet
    • New shower head to add height + improve water pressure
    • Update vanity with new paint + hardware
    • Decor, my fave part

    The progress

    Y’all, this might be the scariest project we’ve done to date! For weeks, every time I came in here, I regretted even starting and thought it may never be finished. Once we removed the huge vanity mirror and first layer of linoleum, I got really nervous. We realized there was about 5 layers of flooring underneath and the walls were going to require far more sheetrock work than we originally anticipated due to the wallpaper coming down and pieces of wall needed to be totally replaced. Brace yourself for these photos.

    New backer board where the shower insert used to be!

    Isn’t it scary? Trying to get the wall smooth and flush where the huge mirror used to be was such a pain!

    We did all of the demo and most of the work ourselves. We hired our go-to guy to do the tile work for us because Brian wouldn’t let me attempt laying tile floor on my hands and knees while pregnant. (So thankful!)… I want to attempt it at some point, I was successful at installing our tile backsplash on my own at the old house so I’d love to learn how to do my own flooring! For now, very thankful we had a skilled professional to do this!

    I LOVE the flooring we selected. It’s a super inexpensive ceramic tile that has the marble veining and is so, so shiny!

    I originally picked out a pretty expensive wall tile to match the flooring and after doing the math, Brian convinced me to do a classic subway tile since this wasn’t a master bathroom. I’m glad he did and so happy with how it turned out!

    The before picture above with the shower insert actually looks better to me than this progress photo below. I was really regretting our decision at this stage! Look at these walls and lack thereof, omg!


    Once we got the flooring and walls squared away, I finally got to think about the fun stuff. I wanted to use gold accents and fell in love with the girly tassel hardware I found on Etsy! I think that was the first thing I purchased.  I also painted the current vanity with a ultra white cabinet paint that really freshened up the vanity!

    pink tassel shower curtain and gold tassel cabinet hardware for girl bathroom

    From there, I found a pink tassel shower curtain on Etsy and couldn’t resist! Once I got the shower curtain in, I realized with the white walls and white vanity, it was going to be a LOT of white. One of our good friends said they wanted to give us a Serena & Lily toile shower curtain to see if it would match (out of stock everywhere I’ve looked)… I fell in love! So thankful we found that, I was on the hunt to accent it somehow and I don’t think a monogram alone would’ve broken up the white. The pink scalloped bath mat is from Target.

    serena and lily toile pink and blue shower curtain, pink tassels, white bathroom

    Similar shower curtains I love:

    For the lights, I knew I wanted something super feminine that would be great and bright throughout her childhood (especially once she starts caring about make up and a skincare routine, the natural light + the light fixtures are a dream come true for lighting!) When I found these gold scalloped vanity lights, I absolutely had to buy them and they were a great price!

    bright white girly bathroom with gold scallop lights and pink tassels, gold round vanity mirrors

    Similar lights that I love & considered using:

    Without the huge vanity mirror, it looked like a totally different space! It took us forever to get the walls in good shape and once they were painted, I couldn’t wait to hang the mirrors. Our best friend is a great electrician and we had to use him to come install light boxes centered above each mirror because the old one was not centered, so annoying. So thankful he could come help us out! Here are similar mirrors:

    On the wall opposite the vanity, I hung one of my favorite pineapple mirrors I found at TJ Maxx years ago. Above the toilet, I hung her monogrammed towels I got and the remaining 2 prints from the set of 4 in her nursery. I love how it looks now that it’s all together!

    Similar pineapple wall mirror


    monogram pink fishtail towels and pink chinoiserie ginger jars, white, pink and gold scallop bathroom

    I didn’t replace the faucet fixtures because they are mixed metal (linked here). I love the silver/gold combo. They also match the towel rod that I decided to reuse. If I would’ve replaced them, I would’ve gone with this:

    Shower hardware was in fine shape and other than the shower head, we decided to reuse it all. If I would’ve replaced it, this is what I would’ve chosen:

    For the shower head, we got an extender to give it a lot more height since we raised the ceiling and we chose this shower head. It’s such an improvement!

    pink tassel shower curtain, subway tile shower remodel, pineapple mirror, girls bathroom with gold hardware and tasselspink tassel shower curtain, gold bathroom scallop girl light fixtures, white bathroom

    For the vanity, I added a cute fringe basket from Target with her tiny towels for now & I found a cute matching pink faux orchid during a TJ Maxx run. I also am obsessed with Noodle & Boo soap and detergents for my kiddos, it’s SO good. I love this room now!!

    white gold and pink girls kids bathroom tassels, fringe and scallops

    pink gold white girls bathroom orchid noodle and boo kids soap

    Doesn’t it look so much brighter and cleaner? I’m really happy Brian talked me into the improvements, even though it took forever! I think she will appreciate this bathroom as she grows from a tiny newborn to a young adult and it will be easy to update the textiles with more grown up prints and colors since everything is white & gold! I’m excited to see what projects we decide to work on next but for now, loving our time as a new family of 4!


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