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Our Bold New Foyer


Our Bold Foyer

I have pictured a bold, welcoming and grand foyer like this since I can remember. I love it! I loved it before we even moved in. It was beautiful to begin with. Over time, as with anything, the yellow striped wallpaper had become a bit dull and dirty. We wanted our foyer to have a bright, classic and welcoming feel to it since it’s the main entry.

Because it had already been wallpapered and the wallpaper was in good condition aside from some dirt, sun fading & some nail holes (which I had already patched), we had two options: 1) wallpaper over the old wallpaper with something fabulous or 2) remove the existing wallpaper, sand and clean the walls, prime the walls, paint the walls. If you read the post about my old house, you know how much I hate removing wallpaper and because this was still in good condition (seams were not showing, there were no rips or cuts), wallpapering over the wallpaper with something fabulous was the better option for me.


I have looked at wallpaper samples for months. I knew I wanted something with a white background but it also needed to be bold and tie in my navy grasscloth, bright palm green dining room with blue and white accents, and my white and navy dalmatian spots in the office (the dining room and office are both open to the foyer).


When I found this Hourglass Trellis print in white with navy, I was in love.

Here is a similar print that is peel & stick for a great price if you are renting or want to avoid wallpaper adhesive.


DecoratorsBest Discounted Designer Fabric and Wallpaper

I ordered 6 rolls from Decorators Best (best price I could find!) and could not wait for it to come in. I hung it almost immediately and was finished by lunch time! Check out the other colors, too! LOVE. My mom stopped by while I was hanging the wallpaper and she said “oh my gosh, it’s breath taking” – yep, that’s exactly the reaction I wanted!

I snapped this after hanging 2 strips. It matched up SO easily. Obviously, photo was taken before I trimmed the excess.

Things you have to have when wallpapering:


I’m in love with how it turned out. And the light fixture makes SUCH a difference. The bell lantern that was hanging was beautiful but when I saw this lantern style, I could not resist. I LOVE THIS LANTERN!


Just in case you are curious about hanging wallpaper: This wallpaper was not pre-pasted so I just cut portions to fit the space, rolled on some wallpaper paste, ‘booked’ each piece [folding each pasted edge towards the center for best adhesion] and then hung the paper which lined up fairly easily. The hardest part about wallpaper for me – your walls/ceilings/floor are usually not perfectly square; using the edge of the wallpaper as a guide will most likely give you super crooked wallpaper.

So, don’t use the moldings on your house as guides. I always start behind a doorway so it’s not as noticeable and then work my way around the room matching up the pattern to the piece hanging beside it – NOT straight with the actual ceiling or crown molding. Then smooth out the bubbles with a wallpaper smoothing tool & cut off the excess and admire your hard work!

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