Nacho Average Fiesta

Nacho Average Fiesta Party Themes

My top favorite things:

  1. Fun parties (+ decorating, etc.)
  2. Mexican food and margaritas

Combine those and it’s the best! After a few different uses, I think we have mastered the Nacho Average Fiesta for all types of parties: couples shower/engagement party, monogram bridal shower, and just general fiesta because we want margaritas and fun decor. Anytime we can celebrate our favorite people makes me happy!

As always, I love parties about the little details. And I like those details on a budget!


I’ve said it 1,000 times but the invitation is what sets the tone for the entire party. For a fiesta, I feel like it should be super colorful, fun and if I can include a pun, even better! In my spare time, I dabble in invitation design & these are a few of my favorites! Feel free to contact me if you’d like these personalized for you!

Snapchat Filter

From the design of the invitation, I almost always incorporate the colors and fonts for a Snapchat filter – these filters capture the most fun photos of the night! Here is a snap of just one we took celebrating our bestie & her upcoming wedding! {love y’all}

The Food

Another reason I love a fiesta, it’s EASY party food. A taco or nacho bar is such an easy and cute party food – you can display it super cute in chafing dishes or as casual as in plastic bowls, whatever you do, it’s easy. This isn’t a foodie blog because I really don’t know about trendy food or anything & I’m a nowhere close to being a chef. But, I can brown some beef and cook some chicken, shred it, and throw in taco seasoning. Cute little bowls of the extras: sour cream, pico de gallo, cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomato and some chips and you’re done. So easy & you can get creative with fun food labels, too!

The Drink

For drinks, an easy and fun sangria with colorful glasses and an easy pre-made margarita is my go-to. If I have enough time and am feeling creative, I sometimes even make a margarita. (I’ve been known to overdo it on the tequila ratio so it’s in everyone’s best interest to do pre-made OR let whoever the best bartender is –hey Pate, that’s you– be in charge of the cocktails! I just make them pretty with cute labels or stirrers/straws. If I have enough time, I even order color coordinated koozies as fun party favors and a cute party accessory. Display them in a matching basket or have them laying on the bar. {excuse the target bag in the background, these are quick iPhone photos taken way before I realized I would be sharing this with you!}

I have added the file I used to for the koozies if you want to use it for any of your fiesta favors! koozie_file

Or you can click ‘save picture as’ here & use it for whatever you like, as much as you like!

For the guests of honor: I found these little fiesta inspired koozies at Party City and just typed the bride-to-be & groom’s names in my Silhouette software and cut them in gold iron on vinyl and simply iron-on’d their little names in a coordinating font. It was cute for them to carry them around all night!  (I will do a post about iron-on vinyl at some point, but there are SO many how-to’s on the subject, I don’t want to be redundant!)

The Favors

Again, koozies are my favorite favor. My sister (she’s the cutest!) actually came up with this idea for a fiesta she hosted; I just made the tags — she wrapped a mini-bottle of tequila, a lime, and a little set of maracas in a cute cellophane bag. It was such a cute little favor! Here is the file we used to print the tags if you want to use it; it can be printed on regular 8.5×11 (cardstock is best), just trim it, hole punch + add the ribbon and you have a cute little favor tag!




First, pinatas are my fave! Especially the cute little ones you find randomly at Target in the party section or party city. I like to set them everywhere. Around the food, on the bar, as a photo prop, wherever! And the cute tissue fringe that a piñata is made of is super easy. I always do it myself even though I’ve recently seen it as washi tape at craft stores. If you aren’t patient or don’t have a lot of time, that would be a great option. I add the fringe to everything! {if you would like a tutorial for this, contact me or leave a comment & I’ll do a complete DIY with photos}

Fiesta napkin rings

I made napkin rings out of toilet paper rolls – just cut them into 1/3’s then used elmer’s glue to attach the fringe. To make piñata fringe, simply fold a strip of tissue paper like a fan (like you did in elementary school), then just trim it, and you’ve got fringe! I’ll see if I can link a how-to — again, wasn’t planning on doing a blog when I did this, or I would’ve taken pictures of the process, sorry about that! I just glued the little piñata fringe strips onto the toilet paper rolls layered, using 3 strips per ring. I love to display them in a sombrero too – randomly found at party city and stashed in my fiesta party bin. It turned out SO Cute and they were so cheap. I always buy the huge bulk thing of tissue paper in every color from hobby lobby.

Photo Booth

Custom signs + an opportunity for festive selfies = perfect. Yes, I’m guilty for too many puns. This ‘grab a prop & say queso’ just seemed perfect! I have added the printable file for you to use for your own fiesta!


Glitter Bottle Vases

Fresh florals that go with the theme are the easiest pop of color!  Especially in a festive vase. For these, I made my husband drink beer with me so I would have 6 little bottles – he was a great helper. Then got my gold glitter out and the mod podge, which I use for everything!

Things you’ll need:

  • bottles
  • mod podge
  • paint brush (or sponge brush)
  • glitter – whatever color you prefer

How to: Literally paint the mod podge onto the bottle – I left the label untouched & brushed the modpodge around it so it would tie into the fiesta theme. Then coat the bottle in glitter. I like to pour glitter onto the modpodge covered bottle – this is MESSY!

I try to use poster paper or newspaper underneath so I can just keep folding/dumping the excess glitter back into the bottle (less mess + less waste). Once you’re satisfied with the coated glitter, let it sit for a while so the mod podge underneath dries. When it’s dried, I go over it twice more in modpodge, it dries fairly fast and this seals in the glitter so you don’t have glitter everywhere each time you use them. The best part about these, they are cheap and reusable! I have them stored in my fiesta bin and pull them out as often as I need to. Add fresh colorful flowers and you’re done!

Balloon Tassel

I used the same technique with the fiesta fringe except I used a whole sheet of tissue paper – not a small strip! Add as many as you like, however, I’d add each piece individually. I’ve actually had to take some off as they weighed more than the balloon with the helium and the tassel was dragging the balloon down. To attach, simply roll the fringed piece of tissue paper into a tassel and tape it onto the balloon tail. If you have questions on this, I’m happy to answer them. I wish I had taken photos of the process. I will next time 🙂

Cupcake toppers

I LOVE personalized little cupcake toppers. It makes the party feel unique & gives a little extra easy decor for the theme.  For this, I simply cut the monogram toppers out of green glitter cardstock on my silhouette (think these were 3″) and then did matching cactus & gold sombreros. SO easy if you have a cutter, silhouette is my FAVORITE, I seriously use it almost daily for random projects. The cupcake toppers are so easy & make even basic white cupcakes from your local grocer bakery look so much better.

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!

Random Decor – a party to me is all about the little details 🙂

Puns are MY FAVE. I loved doodling this ‘TACO bout a wedding’ in chalk markers on my little chalkboard. Combined with a piñata, perfect decor for a fiesta!



We found this dish towel at a cute boutique & couldn’t resist. I already admitted to loving puns. Isn’t it so cute? We gifted it to the bride after the party & it makes me happy every time I see it in her house. Puns are the best.


Sorry I didn’t take more photos (didn’t know at the time I’d want to include them on a blog!) Maybe that’s a reason to host another fiesta!? I love a reason to celebrate. Hopefully you found a little inspiration for your next fiesta!

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