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DIY Custom Lampshades

DIY Custom Lampshades

How to Make a Custom Lampshade

Greek Key Chandelier

One of my favorite ways to make a room look finished (and custom!) is by covering lampshades in whatever fabric you are using in the space. The best part, these are so affordable and they take about 15 minutes each! They’re so easy that you can see from the pictures, I let our toddler help me with this project. I love when he wants to help and he loves a fun project with Momma 🙂 You could even do different sets for each fixture to switch out to match your decor each time you switch for the season, etc.  I wrote about our old dining room and how I fixed that chandelier up with custom matching shades, I was actually sad to have to leave that light when we sold our house.

I like to find them when craft stores have them on clearance and just buy them all up at once. This is similar to the shades I prefer because the back is adhesive and ready for fabric (or paper).

I even did matching ones for larger desk lamps to match my office. Lampshade DIY

Things you’ll need:

  • Lampshade(s)
  • Fabric – this is the black version of what I used, navy has been discontinued (the amount depends on how many shades you’re doing & the size of the shade, extra is always good!)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric Glue (if adding trim/embellishments); or you could use E-6000 which is my favorite glue to have around the house for pretty much anything!
  • Trim or Embellishments like nailheads or fun pompoms

First, trace your template onto the fabric. (bigger is always better so you can trim if you need to) Then cut it out using your fabric scissors.

Once your fabric is cut, remove the protective layer to reveal the adhesive on the shade.  With the adhesive exposed, simply lay the fabric on top. Apply glue to the inside edges of the shade and fold the edges onto it so everything is seamless.

Add trim and embellishments as desired. I’ve seen adorable pompoms and fringe used too but I preferred just a simple rope trim for this project. (Sorry I forgot to take pictures while adding the rope trim, it’s simple – just add glue to each edge and add trim).


Isn’t that unbelievably easy? And it ties the rest of the fabric in the rooms together so simply! Let me know if you need questions answered, I’m happy to help!

Sarah M. Levy


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