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Our Dude’s Nursery

The Nursery

A nursery is probably the most special room a house can have. When we first walked through our home, I knew exactly which room would be the nursery – assuming we were lucky enough to be blessed with children. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a Mom (probably because I was obsessed with my little sister – and still am!), and as soon as I met B, I knew I couldn’t wait to marry him and become a wife and mom. This room was perfect & had the most perfect little sloped ceilings and a huge closet and I loved the double window.

The only bedroom downstairs in our old house was the master. The other two bedrooms were upstairs and they were HUGE. Really, really large bedrooms for this age of a house. We got so lucky with our old house! Anyway… after we completed the downstairs spaces & master bedroom’s wallpaper removal + paint, we headed upstairs with the wallpaper removal kit and went to work.

Isn’t this room sweet? Even with the outdated wallpaper, it was such a sweet room. I had NO idea I’d be blogging about this when I took these photos or I would’ve taken more of all of the rooms. On the ceiling, there was an outdated brass ceiling fan centered in the room and opposite the window was a very nice-sized closet with dingy bi-fold doors.

Our to-do list:

  • Remove wallpaper (it is even on the sloped ceiling, y’all! wallpaper everywhere!)
  • Paint walls
  • Replace old brass ceiling fan
  • Replace carpet
  • Replace bi-fold closet doors with actual doors


I felt so excited the entire time we worked on this room and we weren’t even married yet, much less talking about kids. For some reason, removing the wallpaper didn’t seem as bad in this room. Once we finally got the wallpaper off the walls AND the ceiling (yikes), we patched the walls, sanded, primed and painted.


For paint, we went with a neutral very light grey/beige color. We knew we wanted neutral so we could add feminine or masculine touches if and when we were blessed with a babe.  We painted all of the ceiling a bright white to make the room seem larger. (Our furniture placement helped with this too, it was SO over-furnished before.. even with our queen sized bed and the crib, it seemed huge, lots of room for a little one to play!)

Ceiling Fan/Light

I really wanted  chandelier in the room. My husband was very against a chandelier so… we went with a pretty white ceiling fan and compromised by adding a pretty ceiling medallion that had lots of pretty details. I painted it bright white and we mounted it then mounted the white ceiling fan with it. I loved the way it looked – if you’re on the fence about ceiling fan or chandelier, it’s a wonderful compromise and would’ve been perfect for a sweet baby girl or boy.


The carpet was actually very clean upstairs despite it’s age. Our entire house was actually very well maintained & clean and there was not a lot of traffic in this room at all. But, we really wanted something with a cleaner look to it. While this was a light neutral color, it had a bit of a tan/yellow tint to it & it was a longer shag and with a baby on the way, we wanted something new, clean, safe, and soft – we went with an affordable short shag with less yellow and more gray tint to it. New flooring makes such a difference!

Closet Doors

I hated the bi-fold doors, even after I painted them white. I really did try to work with them. They dated the room terribly and they were an off-white color like most of the trim. I painted ALL of the trim white in this room and after we replaced the doors, I painted them white too. Such a difference! We literally just ripped the bi-fold doors off the tracks and gave them to a  friend who repurposed them for something cute. We measured the doorway and got two inexpensive interior doors to hang in the closet. We added brushed nickel doorknobs and new hinges. Such an update! I wish I had better pictures – this was before I painted them white. They were bright white like the rest of the trim.


We wanted the room neutral so we wouldn’t have to repaint or do a full redo on decor when the time actually came to start our little family and so it would also a pretty space for a guest room in the meantime. Our wedding was navy and we had tons of fabric left from the table runners so I decided to do the window treatments, bed skirt, and headboard in the fabric.

Navy Nursery

Glue Fabric to the Boxspring As a Bedskirt

I recovered the headboard we already had using the fabric from our table runners and I took our clean table runners and hot glued them onto the box spring. This is such an easy and practical project! I can’t recommend using fabric on the boxspring enough. It stays straight & is so much easier than the boring white bedskirts that you have to completely lift the mattress to install. Since our table runners were the perfect width to hit the floor from the top of the box spring, this didn’t require any cuts or stitching but it would be super simple to sew a hem onto fabric to fit the height from the floor to the top of the box spring. I just hot glued the fabric directly to the box spring. If you’re wondering, the hot glue didn’t damage anything. I removed the bedskirt when we were moving and the box spring was still in perfect condition, I just peeled the glue right off. I actually did try to use velcro strips before I did the hot glue but it didn’t hold as good and the velcro had trouble sticking onto the boxspring. I will do this again soon and take photos so you can see how easy this project was 🙂

Cornice Board

I also used our wedding table runners to make a custom cornice board to fit the window in the guest room/nursery. I detailed my how-to here and plan to add a new post showing my entire process as soon as I have some free time. I used another table runner to add coordinating fabric and trim to the bottom of the ivory curtains that we already had in the room. I used stitch witchery and it’s so easy! (One of my next goals is to teach myself how to really use my sewing machine I’ve had for 5 years.. it’s the one thing I’m really just not good at, I need to work on it!)


When we found out we were pregnant, we wanted to keep with the navy and white theme and found the most perfect glider/recliner in a fabric that looked almost identical to the fabric we already had in the space. So… we had to get it! Once we found out we were having a boy (we already had names picked out), we added monogrammed pillows and blankets throughout the space! I can’t help but smile as I think about all the hours I spent (and still spend) in that chair with our boy.

Other Decor

Navy Dresser: I painted an old white dresser hand-me-down to a bright glossy navy for our little guy’s nursery using the same technique that I posted about last week with the old wooden chest post.

Monogram: Before we even knew it was a boy, I had given my favorite wooden monogram shop the details of both our boy and girl name to have on standby so we could have it in time for me to paint and have the nursery ready. Isn’t it perfect? Andrea does a great job, especially with custom ideas! I painted it solid navy so it would pop against the light walls. I originally wanted it on the sloped ceiling but I was worried it would possibly fall on the crib and I loved the way it looked by the window above the chair.

Mobile: I knew I wanted some nautical touches in his room but nothing overpowering – we don’t live at the beach but loved a classic anchor and sailboat throughout the room. When I saw this beautiful mobile, I couldn’t resist. The wooden yachts and painted details were perfect and it hung beautifully on the sloped ceiling… the little boats just bounced and our Dude loved it!

Anywhere Chair: We have the anchor with white name in all caps – he is almost 2 1/2 now and still sits in this chair all the time! The sweetest little chair ever.

The needlepoint above the crib was done by my grandmother – she did one for me and my sister as babes too and we will cherish them forever.

The mirrors to the left of the crib gave the room a nautical feel that almost looked like windows on a boat. I love hanging mirrors in fun groupings.

The anchor marquee is still one of our favorites too. Our dude thinks it has to be on in order for us to read a book – its our reading light, even though it gives out hardly any light. Two year olds are very set in their ways!!

Crib + Bedding

We got lucky enough to have family friends who love our dude like their own and who happened to have recently outgrown their beautiful PB Kendall Crib. They were generous enough to pass it down & we were/are so thankful for their love. What’s really funny… I actually babysat the baby who this crib belonged to.

For bedding, even before we knew the gender, we wanted the traditional PB Harper Collection with white quilting with navy ribbon – for a girl, I planned on adding an obnoxiously large pink monogram and for a boy, a navy stack monogram.

The stuffed whale you see in the photos is still one of his absolute favorites. Here is a similar whale and here, too.

Bookshelf + Accessories

I knew we’d need a bookshelf for all of the books & toys & keepsakes and wanted something that looked more custom than Ikea. I like my shelving to have trim and molding so this was a perfect solution. Securing the shelf to the wall is crucial when you have a little one! For decorating the bookshelf, obviously we used a lot of the books we’d been given as gifts and a few special ones we’d collected since before we even got pregnant. I also like to accessorize with little pretty things. Like this precious piggy bank. We have this exact one and it’s such a good quality silver little piggy. Our dude oinks at it all the time and it looks so classic on his shelf. We also have these exact personalized sailboat bookends that my grandmother had made for us. I am in love with them! Adding sweet photos of our boy in these silver frames helped to finish off the styling of the bookshelf. I also keep his baby book on this shelf up high so it’s out of reach of tiny hands. This book by Emily Ley is SO beautiful & makes such a great gift. I loved having it throughout the entire pregnancy and also now, even as a toddler, as there are various stages and photo ops that the book gives you!

Glider (similar) | Crib | Mobile | Monogram | Bedding | Bookends | Piggy Bank | Bookshelf (similar) | Baby Book | Anchor Marquee Light | Anchor Lamps | Fabric |

Maybe you can find some inspiration for a nursery for someone you love, nurseries are the sweetest little rooms! I was so happy to share this room with you 🙂 Maybe one day we’ll plan another one… in the meantime, enjoying every second with our dude! If you haven’t seen our other posts, we are obsessed with him and so grateful for our little life and family.

Sarah M. Levy

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