Happy Halloween

Easy Family Costume Ideas

Happy Halloween Y’all!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! I am the first to admit, I hate to be scared. I don’t do haunted houses or scary movies. Luckily my husband doesn’t either. So, our Halloweens are spent playing dress up & making yummy food and drinks. The sorority girl inside me lives for a themed party and Halloween is the perfect excuse to force my husband to dress in a cheesy couples costume, sometimes 2 or 3 per year for each of the parties. Now that we have a little dude, even more so! I LOVE our family costumes and think about them for so long. Since I’m still a very new blogger, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite costumes we’ve done over the years + how we celebrated for 2017!

Golfer + Caddy

Our favorite couples costume was definitely the Masters Golf Champion + Caddy we did when we were engaged. B’s outfit was easy – he literally wore what he wore to golf that day & I found a vintage green blazer that was probably 2 sizes too small for him for $5. We let it out a bit so it would be wearable (not comfortable) and he looked perfect when he added his visor and a trophy. My outfit was not so easy because it wasn’t things I just had lying around. I found a white painters jumpsuit and the kids’ size was half the price of the adult – I’m only 5’2″ so I got the kid one for so cheap.  I used my sewing machine (which I am still trying to figure out) to embroider a logo I designed that was similar to the Masters logo and for the back, I free handed LEVY and filled it in with emerald green rhinestones and E-6000. I LOVED this costume.

Golf Costume | Green Rhinestones & E-6000 | Green Hat 

Anyways… fast forward to a few years and we are a family of 3!

Patriotic Family

We are SO proud to be Americans everyday (4th of July is a hugely celebrated holiday in our family) and B already had the USA Loudmouth golf shorts that he wanted to wear. So, it was my job, as always, to come up with a costume for all of us that would allow B to wear his crazy America shorts. I decided our best bet would be to go as Uncle Sam & the Statue of Liberty.

For our little dude, who was about 3-4 months old, we made him a little firecracker outfit. I simply iron-on’d a vinyl ‘BOOM’ with some stars onto a white onesie and his navy little pants and added some gold and orange streamers to his little feet so he looked like a firecracker. I made him a little hat out of cardboard as a photo prop but that didn’t last long!

For B, I had an old Dr. Suess hat from a previous costume that I made him wear and added a blazer – it was a perfect Uncle Sam.

For me, I had a perfect gold shimmery dress that I had previously worn to a wedding while I was super pregnant. It was far too big by Halloween so I cut a few inches off the bottom and threw the gold dress into a pot on my stove with some green dye, dyed the gold dress green and it was perfect. The shimmery texture of the fabric stayed shimmery even with the color change. (Obviously I liked the dress better in gold, but I’d already worn it to a wedding and didn’t mind ‘ruining’ it because it was comfortable enough to wear all night at the halloween party and it really was a perfectly draped dress to be the statute of liberty). I made a little torch out of a paper towel roll and a plastic bowl. Just glued them together, rolled them around in green glitter and added a flickering LED candle with hot glue to the bottom of the bowl. Then I added orange, red and yellow tissue paper above the candle so it looked like flames. I loved the little torch! For the crown, I just cut it out of a foam visor from the cheap craft section of Hobby Lobby and glittered it to match the torch. I paired the dress with a blingy gold belt & gold heels. Turned out to be another one of my favorite costumes! If you don’t want to dye your own gold dress, I also linked a super cute costume that comes packaged 🙂

Dress (similar) | USA Shorts | Green/Teal Dye  & Emerald Green Dye| Statue of Liberty Costume | Torch | Uncle Sam Costume 

Shark Attack

By Dude’s second Halloween, he was starting to have opinions and favorite things. He LOVED sharks and whales (still does). I randomly found the most adorable shark costume at Party City in a clearance bin for like $6 when I was looking for something else totally unrelated at the end of the summer. I had to get it! It took me a few Pinterest searches and weeks of pondering to figure out what B & I would be. Yes… if I have anything to do with it, there will be family themed costumes until our little guy is old enough to tell me to stop embarrassing him!

I found a cheap Lifeguard t-shirt on Amazon and a whistle so I decided to be a lifeguard. No… I did not wear a red one piece with denim cutoffs, you’re welcome. White jeans, sunglasses & sandals made for an easy and comfortable outfit. (I’m not really sure why I keep talking about wanting comfortable Halloween costumes. Such a mom!)

For B, I couldn’t decide if he should be a scuba diver or a surfer. I had a huge box from a shipment and decided it would be easier to make a surfboard prop out of the cardboard box than it would be to make something related to scuba. So I just cut out the shape of the surfboard, added some hibiscus flowers and cut out a little shark bite on the side with my utility knife. I found an old vintage surf/beach shirt on Etsy for a few bucks and let him wear it with whatever pants he had worn to work that day. Super easy costume that only cost a few dollars per person. Our little one LOVED the shark costume. In fact, I let him wear it this past weekend to a Halloween party because I didn’t want him to ruin this year’s costume. Linked some ideas for inspiration if you want to recreate this funny little costume for your own baby shark.

Toddler Shark Costume | Surfer Shirt | Surfboard | Lifeguard Shirt | Whistle | Visor 

2017 – The Kennedys

We always have multiple parties to attend and usually, we will re-wear a costume. However, I was not about to show up dressed like the cast of Sesame Street without our little Elmo. So, this year we had a grown-up party costume and a separate trick-or-treat costume. For the grown-up party, we got to do a couples costume again! I found the most perfect pink dress to go as one of my heroes – the style icon, Jackie Kennedy. I’ve always wanted to be Jackie for Halloween but could never find an outfit worthy of Jackie O. The pillbox hat was a perfect find & it only took me 10 minutes to get it pinned to my hair correctly! I added some pearls, huge sunglasses, white gloves and nude pumps and it was perfect!

For B, I just got a large American flag lapel pin & a JFK mask from Amazon and told him to wear one of his suits. It was easy and he looked cute, even without the mask which bothered him all night. We had so much fun in these costumes!

Pink Bow Dress | Pink Pillbox Hat | Strand of Fake Pearls | Oversized Sunglasses | White Gloves | Lapel Pin | JFK Mask

2017 Sesame Street Cast

Our dude has been obsessed with Elmo since he was a baby. This year, I told B I wanted to let Mac start having a say in our costumes so I could come up with more original family outfits… instead of what was popular on Pinterest. And what do I get? By his third Halloween, we have a toddler who insists on being ‘Elmo, Momma puhhh-lease?’ SO… our little tickle-me-Elmo got what he wanted, as usual. But I have to admit, he looked so adorable in that fuzzy little head-to-toe red furry costume. It was actually chilly so I was thankful he had a warm costume. I paired it with Elmo slippers and found him a cute Elmo flashlight for trick or treating and let him wear his fave elmo pjs underneath.

We asked him what he wanted Momma & Daddy to be… he quickly and firmly responded “Daddy will be (cookie) Monster and Momma will be “bid”-(big) bird.  A few internet searches proved that I would not be a slutty Big Bird (yes, that is a thing) and I would not be wearing a big yellow boa. I found a comfy yellow dress in my closet (again… why am I trying to be so comfy??) and ordered some cheap orange leggings from Amazon. I added some hot pink duct tape (already had in my office) to add to my big bird legs. I found a cute big bird headband to confirm the fact that I was indeed Big Bird and not just a lady in a yellow dress.

For B, I found Cookie Monster sunstache sunglasses and a long sleeve blue t-shirt. I actually bought the whole cast of Sunstache glasses for our family to play around with while passing out candy and eating together. They are so affordable and such an easy addition for a costume! Our little one is obsessed with playing with all of the glasses!

Toddler Elmo Costume | Elmo Slippers | Elmo Flashlight | Blue t-shirt | Sunstaches | Big Bird Headband | (Similar) Yellow Dress | Orange Leggings | Pink Duct Tape

We even carved an Elmo pumpkin…It made our little guy SO happy!!!

We know we are ridiculous but we are so happy and love to celebrate, even on holidays we aren’t really into, as long as we are together! We can’t wait to see what our dude insists on us being together as a family next year!

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