My Favorite Way to Shop on a Budget

How I Save, Even While Shopping All the Time

I know this post is not really my normal material. One of my girlfriends has been requesting an online shopping tutorial like crazy (you’re welcome!) so I figured I’d just do this & maybe someone else could save some money, too!

It is no secret, I shop ALL the time. It honestly used to be just for me. I would find outfit inspo online & shop away online. As I have gotten older, my online shopping has become routine. I even order groceries online, not to mention all of our décor, furniture, and accents (and antiques!). The main thing I shop for is the house and our boy now. I also buy almost all Christmas gifts online – not only because I cannot stand a huge crowd to ruin my shopping experience but for the discount!  My friends & family ask WHY I shop online more than I shop in the store?

This is literally what I come home to almost every single day. Oops. In my defense, I’m almost finished Christmas shopping already!

My top reason I prefer shopping online: Aside from convenience, the DEAL! I LOVE buying what I want (and things I would’ve purchased anyways)…for a discount! I also NEVER pay for shipping.

With that being said, it is so important to keep in mind that JUST because it is on sale, doesn’t mean you need it. The trick to actually saving money is only buying what you were going to buy anyways. For example,a few weeks before my birthday, I told my husband that ‘we’ were going to buy me a new bag, one I’d had my eye on. He said ok because he knew I was going to be watching promo codes + rebate percentages & time it juuuuust right. Plus, Tory Burch sends a birthday coupon for $50 off your purchase. So in this particular example, I ordered the bag I wanted, used my birthday coupon AND got a cash back bonus & a promo code from Mr. Rebates! So… I got my purse for almost half the price. And it wasn’t on sale! Isn’t that crazy?

Why I prefer Mr. Rebates:

My favorite rebates website is hands down:Mr. Rebates– yes I use the others, but the better deals & easiest distribution is Mr. Rebates. I realize it kind of sounds like a scam, especially with the cheesy commercials you see for similar rebate companies. With Mr. Rebates, you also get $5 as a sign-up bonus & it adds up SO quickly. It is fast & free to join (I promise. I was skeptical at first, you don’t even put in financial info except for where you want them to send you the funds once they’re ready for distribution – I prefer the paypal method). The best part? There are TONS of stores for cashback!

They also share the best promotional & coupon codes for you to add and get even more savings!  All you have to do is search for the store, click it, and it automatically gives you the cash back percentage from any purchases made at that store in this particular session AND gives you the available coupon codes! It’s amazing, so simple, and honestly… your buying stuff you were already going to buy, why not save a little money?

My favorite stores to shop on Mr. Rebates?

These percentages are as of November 3, 2017. The percentages ado sometimes change and usually get even better for the holiday season! Seriously, I save SO much money shopping for holiday gifts, I’ve made it almost a challenge to see how much I can save.

  • Tory Burch 6% (& right now, offering free shipping + up to 40% sale)
  • Kate Spade 5%
  • Amazon 5%
  • Toys R Us 3% (This is especially helpful with the big-ticket items)
  • Bed Bath & Beyond 4%
  • Bellacor 7%
  • Neiman Marcus 5%
  • Target 1% (Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but with the coupon codes provided, you can really save! Every little bit counts!)
  • 5% (think about how much this can be for travelling, it’s amazing. We also purchase plane tickets this way!!)
  • Belk 2% – (my go to for easy wedding gifts + with the belk credit card, we save big time. They always have awesome coupons)
  • J.Crew 2% (also with a $25 off your order right this second – it will expire soon, but they’re always adding more + free shipping coupon)
  • Lowes 2% (HUGE when purchasing big ticket items, and I love the coupons they usually have!)

These are just my most-shopped recently. It really is worth at least checking out to see. I am notorious for adding things to my online shopping cart at stores too, but then I don’t checkout. You almost always get a reminder email within a few days that says “Oops, forget something? Enjoy 10% off” or whatever it may say. There’s almost always a coupon code included so you’re more inclined to complete checkout!

All you have to do is:

  1. Search for a store on
  2. Click on the store name
  3. Shop & check-out at the store
  4. Your rebate will show up within 1-3 days
Referral Program

Mr. Rebates also has a referral program – Send your friends or family with a unique referral link within your account via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc and they will each receive $5 bonus after first purchase. For the referrer, you get 20% of your referred friend’s cash-back rebates on every purchase they make through Mr. Rebates(at no cost to them). You get that extra 20% every time your referred friend makes a purchase. AMAZING.

Mr. Rebates

I know… this post doesn’t have near the photos or inspiration for DIY projects or decorating a room or planning a party, BUT… it will help you save money when decorating a room, planning a party, and celebrating life! If you have questions or need help, I’m happy to do that!

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