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Our Old House Before & After: Foyer

Foyer Updates

I have already talked about how important it is for me to have a welcoming foyer. I love to entertain and I want the main entrance of our home to be bright, happy & welcoming. After seeing some of the other posts about our old home, you can probably imagine that this was not the feel in our first house.

As you can imagine, burgundy wallpaper everywhere. But I will say, when we first walked through, the house was clean and smelled good… so it still did give me that warm, southern hospitality feeling. It just needed some updating 🙂

It’s seriously not that bad. Right? I LOVE the windows beside the front door (sidelights), they have such pretty character. I also love the size. I prefer a foyer as an entryway as opposed to walking into a large open space at the front door. It’s also one of my favorite spots to add holiday decor so I love having a pretty little foyer. I also loved the wide doorways on each side of the foyer – one led into the office/front formal living room and the other into the dining room. And there was already chair molding & crown molding in place, I love little details. It’s kind of hard to picture and even more so to describe but if you walked straight through our foyer, it led down a little hall which took you to either our master bedroom, or another L-shaped hall that took you to the living room/kitchen. Basically, our house was a huge square built around a staircase in the middle. (The wall that hits you right when you walk in the foyer has the staircase right behind it, if that helps visualize). Anyway.. I really did like the look of our foyer, minus a few things obviously.

Our to-do list:

  • Remove wallpaper, again
  • Prime over burgundy paint + repaint walls
  • Furniture & decor
  • New light fixture
  • Paint doors & trim for brighter look
  • New door hardware
  • Flooring


Here we go again removing wallpaper. It really wasn’t so bad. This space was small and I was excited to make it welcoming and more ‘us’ so we knocked it out with our wallpaper removal kit with the help of good friends and cold beer.


Once that was complete, we got the kilz out again (do not forget to use a drop cloth – I like canvas over plastic) and primed the walls. I sanded and primed where the wallpaper was hanging before. We primed with 2 coats of kilz where the burgundy walls were under the chair molding. I used the same color paint on the walls as we did in the master bedroom, master bathroom, downstairs hallway, and staircase for a consistent look. It was neutral enough because my decor is anything but neutral. I usually paint under the chair rail white but I liked the look of the full wall being the gray/beige color this time.  I also painted all trim a brighter, glossier white for easier dusting & a cleaner appearance, especially on the back of the door -it made a big difference! We also painted the ceiling a brighter white.

Furniture & Decor

For furniture, I actually liked the way they had it laid out before. I love a good foyer table with a mirror above and a pair of lamps, that’s probably my most common furniture staging throughout our house. I found an old dresser in a warehouse and sanded it out, stained it & replaced the hardware and it was perfect – I wanted it to have storage for garden flags, and some small outdoor decor to have handy for the front porch. I added a matching pair of lamps (obsessed with the ones I just linked, wish I would’ve gotten them!)- the ones I used actually aren’t really my style, I thought the lamp base color looked good with the dresser & had every intention of changing the farmhouse looking shades but never got around to it. I added in a large mirror and a huge ginger jar and a vase of fresh stems. When these photos were taken, it was not around a particular holiday so it was pretty generic, I usually had a big wreath on the mirror or a witches hat and pumpkins or something – it was a fun space to add seasonal accents. In the corner I added a porcelain garden stool that was a catch-all for guest keys and occasionally a party favor or candy bowl. I also added in a blue/white geometric rug to help with muddy paws & toddler shoes. On the walls, a canvas I created for my husband as a gift when I was a broke law student and a beautiful painting I stole (with permission) from my grandmother. (Above, I linked some items similar to this look that I love)


We used the same flooring throughout the downstairs of the house – it was in every room by the time we were finished!

Light Fixture

I love brass typically, but the look of the old foyer light really dated the space. We went with something more modern and bright for our new foyer. A clean, modern bell lantern was perfect. (I also really love this lantern style). We went with oil-brushed bronze as the finish and it worked great for the space. We also went with the same finish on the front door hardware and it tied the room together perfectly.

Another easy room complete! I loved how welcoming it felt when you walked in the front door.

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