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Little Laundry Room

Our Little Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are not usually something I look forward to walking into. In our first house, the laundry room was one of the first rooms you saw as you entered the back door. Most of our friends + family entered through the back door which was an entry into the kitchen. Our laundry room was right off of the kitchen so I had to always keep it neat and organized (or at least the door shut!). If you’ve seen the blog posts about our old house, I’m sure you’re picturing how awful our laundry room probably looked.

But,… it honestly wasn’t bad. It was a neutral tan color with a mud sink, a set of white washer+dryer that work great (still do!) and an old fridge. But NO wallpaper! It was one of the only rooms we didn’t have to really work hard on before getting settled in our house. The flooring was the same outdated linoleum faux tile that was in the kitchen. There was also a great cabinet, albeit darker wood with outdated hardware. I even liked the handy little shelf that was installed above the washer/dryer. My favorite things about the laundry room: a large window (I love natural light) AND my precious fold-down wall ironing board.

See? It’s not that bad.

Our To Do List

  • Flooring
  • Cabinet + Hardware
  • Walls
  • Remove outdated window treatments
  • Light fixture

I knew right away we wanted to replace the linoleum flooring since it was also in the kitchen. We used the same wood flooring in the laundry room as we did throughout the downstairs of the entire house. Changing the floor made me a lot happier to do laundry!

Cabinet + Fold-Down Ironing Board

For the cabinet, it was in great condition – just the same outdated wood color and hardware. We originally talked about redoing the entire layout of the laundry room, redoing the cabinet and adding a very nice countertop on the sink. With our budget in mind, we decided to keep the layout the same and paint the cabinet white and replace the hardware with something more modern.  I used the same white cabinet enamel paint from my kitchen project, I had some leftover & it was perfect. I added brushed nickel simple knobs from Amazon similar to what I used in the kitchen and also painted the fold-down ironing board cabinet door the bright white and used matching hardware for a unified look.

The best part – wallpaper!

The most ironic part of this room? It was the ONLY one without wallpaper. And here I am, adding wallpaper to it. The walls were my favorite part. The walls obviously added the personality to the space. As a newlywed, we didn’t have too much laundry so I wasn’t in this room often. Once we became a family with a baby boy + 2 black labs, the laundry became never-ending. (still true!). So I was so happy to add some color and fun to the room I was starting to spend so much time. I decided on a blue and white trellis, as usual. I loved this french blue color – it was almost a blue-gray color and I really loved the way it flowed into my bright green kitchen. I linked a similar wallpaper here:



Window Treatment

Removing the old window treatments was the easiest part, just popped out the old plastic topper rod and then using a drill, removed the old hardware mounting it onto the window. I liked the amount of light that poured in without a treatment and our house was extremely private, (not that I honestly would have cared if neighbors were able to see in the laundry room), so there was no need to add replacement treatments.


For the light, we removed the old ‘boob’ light that was in there and replaced it with a brighter, larger modern flush mount light. Replacing light fixtures is such an affordable and easy way to update an old home.. it took me a few youtube videos to figure out how to switch out a light fixture but now I could almost do it with my eyes closed. If it would have been my forever home, I would have added a prettier chandelier or something more feminine. We knew we were selling, so went with something neutral and bright.

I also added some green bins to organize all of the laundry + pet stuff we kept stored in the laundry room. I like to keep this room as organized as possible. I linked a few of my favorites below & some of what we’re using in our new laundry room now that we have more space!


So much better, right? Our realtor even mentioned in our listing when we were selling our house that our laundry room was ‘pretty enough to make you want to do laundry.’ Not sure if that’s entirely true, but it was a happy little room and I loved it so much, I didn’t even care if the door was closed after it was finished.

I hope this will give you some inspiration for an easy laundry room update!

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