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Wallpaper & Why You Should Add It To Your Closet

Wallpaper & Why You Should Add It To Your Closet

One of my favorite spots in our house is my closet – if that sounds ridiculous, oh well. I have never had enough space for all of my stuff. I am pretty organized and try to purge multiple times a year but my dresser was still about to pop at our old house… and I was not so discreetly taking up the entire guest room closet, too. So, when we saw this closet, it was just another reason I fell in love with this home.

The storage is amazing and it’s so well done, a full wall of floor-to-ceiling drawers and 2 special cabinets just for handbags? Yes! (There are 2 more walk-in closet that don’t have the built-in drawers for added hanging space & shoe shelving.. I’ve never had room for all of my dresses, skirts, suits, jackets, etc & don’t even get me started on shoes. I finally can fit it all in my own room! My husband has one of them and while I’m on the subject, these 2 walk-ins were the original master closets.

My pretty closet pictured here used to be the smaller master bathroom. (I told you the people who lived here had the absolute best taste!!) I don’t think there’s anything I would or could do to make the space better. Like the rest of the house, time has taken it’s toll and these walls had some scratches/scuffs that a magic eraser wouldn’t get out. Not that it’s a big deal, yes I realize it’s just a closet. But I really do spend a lot of time getting dressed each day and all of my jewelry and accessories are in there, too so I really wanted it to be a pretty little space.

I thought about painting but I’m not 100% sure what colors we are going to end up using in our master bedroom yet (I am happy with how it looks for now, I love the colors – may just freshen it up with a new coat in the same color, something about new paint makes it feel so much cleaner). Our current carpet goes into each closet, too so we are currently limited with a carpet that is the same color as the wall. Thank goodness it’s a pretty color & matches my taste/decor so well – I literally just put our stuff in here for now & it’s not on my list of priorities at the time because it’s still so pretty. Also, I was dreading painting for some reason. So, wallpaper it was. I got every thing I needed for the entire space on Amazon and it arrived in 2 days. I was so excited to start šŸ™‚



Wallpaper has become my favorite accent in a space and I’ve found such good wallpapers lately! When I saw this palm print, I couldn’t resist. And it matches the tropical blue color of our master bedroom walls & carpet perfectly. I still want to replace the light with something pretty but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

This was an easy project, so not a lot of details. I used the same wallpapering technique I used in our new foyer and our old laundry room.

One roll was plenty and it covered so easily. This print had such a great repeat in the design, it was the easiest I’ve hung so far and was pre-pasted so I just had to mist it with water in a spray bottle. I love how it turned out!


I added a vintage gold mirror my grandmother snagged at an estate sale for me and replaced the hardware on the built-in drawers with some feminine crystal pulls. These are the exact pulls I used and I added some similar mirrors that I love. Isn’t the bow one so cute?

Isn’t this such a cute little improvement? It was faster than painting and I love the boldĀ tropical print instead of a boring solid color that I probably would’ve been itching to change in a few months.

Here are a few of the lighting options I have in my head right now – at some point soon, I’ll be changing that. Fluorescent lighting is not my thing and I’ll be happy to have that out of my closet when we get around to it!

I did already add some motion censored little lights for each little section of the shelves & hanging rods and when you open the cabinets or drawers. They are battery operated and came with the little sticky pads to stick them on safely. Makes the closet feel like a mini-boutique & I love it.

The whole closet took me about an hour and a half, including clean up & trimming/booking/etc. So easy!

Isn’t it so much cuter? I may use the rest of this wallpaper in our small powder room, I haven’t decided yet. I LOVE it!Ā 

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