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Bathroom DIY Update

A Much-Needed Bathroom DIY Update

Brace yourself, this wallpaper is NOT the pretty kind I like to put in my spaces. This bathroom was upstairs in our old house between the two guest rooms – it was very outdated and in need of some love.

Before Photos

Our Plan

It’s not all bad – Ok, yes, the wallpaper is awful. The ruffle window treatments and shower topper are not exactly my style. I also knew I wanted to get rid of the borderless builder grade mirrors and light fixtures. The size of the vanity is amazing, although I do wish it had two sinks. The long cabinet with the knob in the center is actually a laundry chute, perfect for toddler laundry taken off at bath time! The actual bath/shower is nice and was clean – the shower doors were one of the first things we wanted to remove but other than that, it was nice enough. I loved the window and the flooring was in good condition. It also had a HUGE linen closet – we stored everything in here & I kept it very organized so guests could find toiletries and other necessities, sheets, etc. I used baskets like this for all of our baby washcloths, creams, soaps, ointments, etc.


Removing Wallpaper

As with almost every other room in the house, we had to remove the wallpaper. We got the downstairs wallpaper removed first (while we still had a team of friends & family to tackle the major areas) then made our way upstairs just me & B in the evenings – we weren’t really in a hurry to get the upstairs done as long as our major living areas were finished.  It came down in this room really easily, thank goodness!

Removing the Shower Doors

After removing the wallpaper, removing the old, outdated shower doors was our first task. Also, is it possible to even keep those doors clean? Our house was spotless when we bought it & very well taken care of (even though it was outdated) and these doors, while I know they were cleaned, were not clean at all! Seeing how gross they were underneath all the hardware & stuff after we took them apart freaked me out. And yay, it’s shockingly easy! Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of us doing this but it was super easy. You should definitely do this project if nothing else, it’s an instant improvement! Here are the steps:

  1. Take the shower doors off of the track. We literally just lifted ours up and out.
  2. Remove the screws from the door frame (all of ours were on the side walls of the shower thank goodness, so no major holes in the bathtub!)
  3. Remove caulk if necessary. Our frame was not caulked onto the bathtub very much, in fact – we used goo-gone & scrubbed with a rag and there was literally no evidence of the frame ever being there except for the 3 holes left on each side
  4. Remove the rest of the frame/track (you may have to remove the caulk here, too. Especially on the bottom track – we used a utility knife to scrape a couple of the stubborn spots
  5. Fill the holes. We used a white silicone caulk for tubs. I used my plastic putty knife to make sure it was filled and also flush with the tub. Let it dry completely! Luckily, this was our guest shower (and before we had our boy) so it was rarely used anyway.

Change Light Fixtures

I swapped out the outdated fixtures for something a little more modern. The mirrors I got were oil-rubbed bronze so I wanted to go with a darker finish on the light fixtures & cabinet hardware. I found these at Lowe’s and installed the lights myself.

Replace Mirrors

It’s amazing to me how much changing out a frameless/clipped on mirror can impact a bathroom. Adding a mirror with a frame makes it feel so much more custom and high-end. This one is similar.

Paint Walls & Vanity

I went with the same beige color in this room as the rest of the house so my pops of color would really pop. Originally, we just left the vanity the almond color with the beige walls and I did a pretty neutral shower curtain. I don’t have photos of that version of the room. Once we found out our little one on the way was a boy, we kind of made it a bathroom perfect for a cute little dude. I found the striped shower curtain at target and planned the room around that because I loved the fun, happy green. I wanted it to be a good space for guests, too. So.. I matched the paint for the vanity to the green in the shower curtain & replaced the hardware. I loved how it turned out! (The shower curtain we had is no longer sold but here is a similar striped one that would be cute for a boy & here’s a cute girly one)


I painted most of the decor. The little buoy on the wall was actually red & I wanted it to match so I just painted it. I painted the words on the canvases but I have created a similar printable file here for you to save & print if you like 🙂 I thought the saying was absolutely perfect for a little boy. I used nautical hooks I found from TJ Maxx and the towels came from Target and matched the shower curtain perfectly. Their little children’s bathroom line is so cute!


Printable PDFS: Bathroom Signs #1 |  Bathroom Signs #2


Had this been our forever dream home, I would’ve redone the vanity to have 2 sinks and a nicer countertop. I also would’ve upgraded the blinds to plantation shutters. But, we didn’t splurge on anything, we DIY’d and we were really happy with how it turned out.

I loved the way this room turned out, especially now that I’m looking at the before photos again & cringing. I wish I had a better photo of the shower without the doors – you can see it in the reflection of the mirror, though!


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