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Powder Room: How we transformed an old laundry closet

Powder Room Remodel
diy add on bathroom for resale value, easy and cheap

Powder Room

How We Added TONS of value by transforming an old laundry room

I’ve already shown you our cute little laundry room from our old house. I wanted to share with you one of our biggest actual renovations – this one required some professional help but was SUCH an inexpensive project that really helped us add a lot of value when selling our house. 

Adding this little room not only allowed us to have another small bathroom downstairs (our only one was our master), but it allowed us to close off our master to make it a true suite while still giving our guests a bathroom to use while we entertained.


When we bought our old house five years ago, I didn’t see the point in taking photos of an old closet as I had no idea I’d be doing a crazy blog about all of our projects. By the time we moved in, this closet which is right across from our ‘master‘ bathroom was just an empty closet with an upper cabinet (pictured below on the right side of the hallway with the terrible bi-fold doors – you can kind of see the doorway to our bathroom across the hall). The family who owned our home before us had added the laundry onto the side of the kitchen. The previous laundry room was apparently in this little bi-fold closet & all that was left was the cabinet that used to be above the appliances.

We wanted to make this a bathroom so a) there wasn’t a random closet wasting space and b) we had an additional bathroom downstairs so it would be acceptable to close off our master bath and make it private for the master suite.

[I would add better photos but we don’t live there anymore so I can’t go snap new ones]

What you can’t see from these photos:

It’s a fairly large size for a closet – but I’m sure it was tight with the washer/dryer. The flooring was the same broken terra-cotta tile as the front porch (strange, right? since it was literally in the middle of the house). Upper cabinets were mounted above where we put the sink; this closet/room is under the stairs so the ceiling is slanted above where we put the toilet. There were already water hook ups and drains almost in perfect places for us, which made this addition a no-brainer. There was an outdated tiny light that had a pull chain.  The photo below was also before we sheet rocked over the doorway into our master bath, removed the dark wood door from the living room (bottom left corner) and replaced all of the flooring downstairs.

Hiring Professionals

My Dad is super handy and knows a lot about plumbing, so he helped us figure out how/who/what/when/where we were going to do this. We had the bright idea of starting the project in my last trimester of being pregnant with our boy… so our house was a disaster for a week or so and so was I!

Anyway… we hired a professional crew to inexpensively rip out the old porch-style flooring, add a great simple white ceramic tile. And we hired a plumber to widen the existing drain for the toilet and extend the water lines so the sink would fit exactly where we wanted. **update: I found an old photo on my phone of the progress when we were doing this bathroom! This is before the toilet was installed but you can see the updated door to the powder room and tile floor. I was SO excited when this was taken.


In the photo below, you can see where the ‘slant’ of the ceiling starts under the stairs. That is about where the washer/dryer were located so the hook-ups were around there – to the right of the new toilet paper holder.

My dad installed all of the plumbing and some friends helped remove the old bi-fold doors and frame in a new pocket sliding door, which made so much more sense for the space. While they did this, they also framed in and sheet rocked over the doorway into our master bath. We also had the bathroom wired for an GFCI outlet for safety.

The Pretty Details

Replacing the bi-fold door and ugly lighting made the biggest difference. We painted the powder room the same color as the majority of the downstairs and the trim a bright white, it looked so good with the new white tile floor. We choose a sink that I’m obsessed with, I loved the big white porcelain sink/vanity top and the pretty wood open vanity. I found a dark bronze mirror and lamp that coordinated and then went with chrome fixtures and hardware to match the faucet and exposed plumbing under the sink. Behind the toilet, I hung a tiny sunburst mirror and a framed pineapple print. I hung a monogrammed hand towel on the towel ring and that was it, the room was simple but functional. We stuck with things that would be buyer-friendly in this room.  [Side note: I am currently redesigning a powder room in our new house and nothing is buyer-friendly haha, it’s very much ‘me’ and nothing neutral!]

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of photos of this room. Even when our realtor had the house photographed, it was tricky in this tight space so this is the best we’ve got.

Mirror (similar) | Sink (similar) | Toilet Paper Holder & Towel Ring | Lamp (similar) | White Ceramic Tile | Pocket Door Kit | GFCI Outlet

I’m adding this photo of me scrubbing our old base boards (and my son climbing all over me, he insists that I’m only in the floor for rides) to show the bathroom finished. Obviously, this was not the point of the photo but you can get a little glimpse of the finished room in the background. I thought you may want to see how the pocket door closed and you can almost make out the bright white flooring and the wall with the toilet. 

Sorry this post is so light on photos, but if you have the space to turn your laundry room into a powder room, it really added so much value – not only for when re-sell but just for our comfort while we lived here. I’ll add our new powder room update once it’s finished!!


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