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DIY No-Sew Custom Curtain Panels

Do It Yourself No-Sew Custom Curtain Panels

When I saw the number of windows in our great room, I knew I’d be in trouble when it came time to dress them with curtains! I like to balance each window with a panel on each side so that meant I’d need 8 curtain panels for this room…my husband laughed out loud when I showed him a few panels I loved and did the math for 8 of them.

My Plan

I knew I wanted something elegant, simple and also neutral (we have a lot of parties in this room, I didn’t want a color or pattern to overpower a theme and backdrop of a party or shower).  I have searched all of my favorite stores, sites and Pinterest boards to get ideas… the style I like most has texture or some kind of trim.

Here are a few curtain panels that I absolutely love. I don’t mind splurging on curtains – they’re totally worth it, especially if I just need 2 or 4… but with 8, I decided it was best to try to get creative and if I couldn’t pull it off, I’d splurge after I tried! The thought of spending thousands of dollars on window panels when we have 2 black labs & a toddler just seemed unreal to me right now. Maybe one day!

I got super lucky and found an awesome quality, white cotton curtain panel for $6 each on clearance at Target (I can’t find them now.. but I linked similar!) with free shipping… I’m not kidding when I say that I bought 16 and put the rest of them in the guest bedrooms and added lots of trim and fun textures to those, too! (I’ll add photos of those and also feature them as I get around to completing each guest room – it’s a slow process!)

Curtain Panel (similar but with grommets) | Curtain Panel (similar) } | Another similar but semi-sheer

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect trim and curtain hardware to transform these $6 panels. I got even luckier when I found a gorgeous jacquard trim I’d been eyeing for months on clearance for $2 a yard!! I had to buy 25 yards so that was awesome.

I’m horrible at math but so far… with 8 curtain panels & 25 yards of trim, I only spent $98. For eight curtain panels! Isn’t that awesome??

Once I narrowed down my colors and trim, I knew I wanted a sleek and classic brassy gold rod with curtain rings. I decided on rings because I wanted the curtain panels to pool a bit in the floor for a classic look. The 2″ ring diameter was perfect for adding a little more style. I’ve linked the exact ones I used below & can honestly say I’m very happy with our choice! The ones I had been eyeing for a while from my favorite store were going to cost me almost $800 for just the rods and another few hundred for the rings. So this was an excellent alternative!

Curtain Rods | Curtain Rings 


  • Iron the panels to get rid of lines from shipping/packaging (not necessary, I just wanted mine to be perfect… you can throw them in the dryer for fluffing, too)
  • Measure the trim to fit each panel, leaving an inch or two for each end to overlap onto the back
  • Using a hot glue gun (you can even use fabric glue… in your hot glue gun.. AMAZING!), adhere the trim onto the curtain panel. (Also, no judgment on how old and banged up my fave hot glue gun is… I have a really fancy wireless one with an LED light but I still love my old one from my college sorority crafting days!)

I used the stitched vertical hem line as my guide to make sure the trim stayed straight and in the same spot on each panel. If you know how to use a sewing machine, you can sew the trim on this step. I have a sewing machine… it’s my goal to one day master it but in the meantime, I love a glue gun and I knocked this project out in less than an hour! 

I put glue every few inches on both sides of the trim, make sure everything is perfectly straight and work my way down the entire panel. For the ends, I carefully wrap the trim around so it lines up perfectly on the reverse side… I didn’t want fray marks or anything out of line so I simply glue the folded the edge over.

  • One the trim is adhered, they are ready to hang!! My husband always helps me hang the curtain rods. I make sure the curtain rings are clipped on the tops of the panels in the same spots and in the same direction/style then slide the rings onto the rods!

We still have a ways to go in this room but I’m thrilled with the way the windows and curtains are turning out!


Can you believe I did all 8 panels for less than $100?  I love them and the way they turned out. I hope this helps to inspire you to DIY some curtains for your own homes. The first time I did this was in my dorm room and what a way I’ve come since then! But seriously… you can’t beat the price and it’s so fun to create custom pieces for your own space.


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  • Reply Page

    Once again you knocked this project out of the park! Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    April 10, 2018 at 6:13 am
    • Reply sarahmlevy

      Thank you Page! I had so much fun making these, and what a quick little improvement to this room!

      April 10, 2018 at 9:48 am
  • Reply Jill Ashley

    Beautiful as always, my friend!!

    April 10, 2018 at 8:11 am
    • Reply sarahmlevy

      Thank you Jill! Always means so much coming from you 🙂

      April 10, 2018 at 9:49 am
  • Reply Jessica R

    Hi Sarah! I’m excited to make one for our huge living room windows! I hope I can find a nice simple fabric like yours! 🙂

    June 15, 2018 at 9:03 am
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    This is a great post. Your information is essential. The curtain has so especial role to make any home or room more beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing the informative post!

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    Hi Sarah!Thanks for your informative article. I’m excited to make one for our huge living room windows! You explain it like an expert. I think now I can use my hot glue gun properly to make this. Great work.
    Sheila Boyer recently posted…7 Best Hot Glue Gun To Buy in 2018My Profile

    September 22, 2018 at 1:15 am
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    I have no idea how to sew so this is the right choice for me!

    December 30, 2018 at 4:28 pm
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