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Forever to Thee, Mac is Three

gamecock party

Gamecock Birthday Party for Our Favorite Fan

It’s hard to believe our little one is already three years old! We are blessed with a sweet and wild little boy who loves to celebrate as much as we do. Being his mom is my greatest gift and adventure. With that being said, he’s become quite creative and opinionated as well. A few months ago we started talking about his birthday and this time we asked him what kind of party he wanted… we did not expect him to say Gamecock, but I don’t know why we were shocked. I was thinking something like his favorite tv show, favorite movie or a cute theme from Pinterest. He loves Gamecock football games and has since his very first one. I almost talked myself out of it several times because I had no idea how I was going to even make a mascot themed party make sense, much less be cute! His past birthday parties were totally my decision and he loved them, but he didn’t have much input on the snowcONE theme or the Two-Choo theme like he has this year!


We put Mac’s little Chevy truck out front with a ‘tailgaters welcome’ sign I made and some gamecock and black/white balloons for the front entrance. We have so many gamecock garden flags from over the years so I had them one at the entrance and a few throughout the gardens in the back.

Lightbox at the front entry. #gococks!

My favorite wood cutter always makes us a custom wood monogram for the front door, their Etsy shop is awesome!! 

Anyway, now that we have finally cleaned up the last bit of the celebration, I thought I’d share his fun tailgate inspired party. I think this turned out to be our favorite one so far! It was definitely the biggest… I love how he has his own little buddies he chooses to invite now and I love even more that all of those buddies have awesome parents we love to hang out with.

 Chalkboard on the terrace. I love this new chalkboard that lights up!!

{The “forever to thee, Mac is three” little rhyme didn’t come to me until I was doing laundry one day after he’d told me he wanted a Gamecock party. His jersey has the line from the alma mater “forever to thee” – and it hit me as I was folding his jersey. So I included the verse from the South Carolina Alma Mater on the back of the invitation to try to make sense of it for anyone that isn’t a huge Gamecock fan.}

Throughout the party I liked to use the “cock”tail theme. I just got a plain white tank and used some garnet heat transfer vinyl to make a “Mama needs a cocktail” shirt, I may actually wear this one again to some of the games. I also made some hand towels for our bathroom that said “stay cocky” that we’ll use in the fall.

Mama needs a cocktail


My first step was the invitation – I kind of wanted it to look like a ticket and I’ve seen tons of ticket-themed invites on Etsy and Pinterest with a bar code, etc to look like an official ticket. I decided to use the Gamecock “C” for Mac’s name so this is what we ended up with. I placed my favorite picture of Mac at a football game last fall on the back above the alma mater verse. I’ve been adding envelope liners to everything lately and loved adding this one to a plain white envelope. I addressed them in the same collegiate bold font. If you don’t have time for custom invites, these are cute fill-in the blank invites. If you do want custom, contact me! I’d love to create something for you.

Gamecock Party Invitations

The Party

I think I loved this party theme because I didn’t have to buy a lot – we have a ton of gamecock tailgate gear so it was nice to be able to use all of it.  Because we had a big crowd, I did have to get a lot of paper plates,  and I got so lucky to find these cool plates that were perfect for all the food we served and they were super cheap! Aren’t they cute? Don’t worry, they come in lots of other teams if you aren’t a SC fan. They’d be perfect for nachos or chili or any tailgate meal.

Gamecock Party Plates for Tailgate Party

Gamecock Tailgate Party

For food, I normally do the cooking and love it! But with the crowd we had, I just didn’t want to cook so we had our favorite BBQ place cater for an easy and yummy dinner for everyone! And BBQ is perfect tailgate food so it fit in with the theme perfectly.

I found a lot of gamecock paper cups and napkins online but chose not to use them because I could do custom ones for cheaper and to personalize the party a little more. Plus, they make great favors and the kids used the cups to carry their candy from the piñata. I used the South Carolina state for a logo on stadium cups and foiled napkins. If you’re on a time crunch and can’t do custom, these are some of the options I was thinking about buying for cups (another option) & napkins.Gamecock Cocktail with Stadium Cups Tailgate Party

For the bar, I did a garnet color cocktail (vodka, cranberry and pineapple, SO good) for the adults and more beer than we’ve ever had at our usual tailgate so I did koozies too with the matching SC state logo I threw together for the party! I saw something on Pinterest that had a “wet your whistle” sign for a bar at a tailgate and couldn’t resist using that somewhere! I included the file for that too if you want to use it! The colors could easily be customized for your own team.

Wet Your Whistle sign for the bar

Gamecock Party Tailgate koozies

For water bottles, I actually forgot to order more label paper… so I put my bestie to work to help me with this project the day before the party. I just printed out some custom labels I designed on regular white paper, and we used some clear packing tape I had to just wrap them. It surprisingly worked great! I may like it even better than the label paper I normally use. Thankful for friends who help me with my crazy ideas before a night out.

Water bottle labels

Game Day Face Stickers
Gamecock Party Face Tattoo Station

For almost every tailgate we’ve ever been to, I put on a little face tattoo so I couldn’t resist when I found a bunch of them on sale. It was so fun to have everyone put them on, especially the TarHeel and Clemson fans!! By the end of the night, my best friend even had one on her leg that I’m confident our three year old thought would be fun to stick there! Around the party I stuck a few random signs in cheap frames with cute game day sayings, I thought “game face” was so cute for the little face tattoo station. I included the file below if you want to use it!


Mac really wanted a piñata. As you can imagine, my search for a gamecock piñata wasn’t very successful so a few quick Etsy searches led me to some custom piñata shops and a few messages later, we had a Gamecock themed piñata on the way! I was very impressed with the quality of the piñata, she did a great job! In hindsight, I probably should’ve gotten a rival team’s mascot or an inanimate object (like a football), I really didn’t think about our toddler swinging a bat at his favorite character/mascot but the piñata was a hit & Mac was thrilled he got a piñata. I would definitely recommend this Etsy shop for a great addition to a party, Ruby was so accommodating for our unique party theme. Part of me wishes we would’ve used it as a centerpiece because he was so cute but Mac had his heart set on swinging a bat into a piñata and making it rain candy, so… we let him!

Gamecock piñataShe even personalized Cocky’s shirt with Mac’s name and an 03 for the back!

The Bounce House

We have learned if we want to enjoy some adult time, there must be something for the kids to do! Last year we had a train and I knew we wouldn’t be able to top that but was shocked when I came across the bounce house! We got so lucky and found a very affordable officially licensed bounce house. The amount of laughter that came from that bounce house literally all day and night (from kids and adults) will make me smile for years to come. Bounce house = well worth it! And the company we rented from had the absolute best prices I found anywhere on the internet and they were so accommodating. So thankful to have found this. They have an awesome selection and even better prices if you’re searching for a unique bounce house!

gamecock bounce house

I made my husband these corn hole boards for a wedding present what seems like forever ago and we’ve used them countless times, they were perfect to pull out for this party! 

A Few Party Favors

Because we had more adults than kids, I didn’t do little goody bags with treats… I figured the piñata candy would be enough. But, I did get a few dozen sugar cookies made by the very talented Nicole, she is amazing and has done lots of custom cookies for us. Plus they taste just as good as they look and both the kids & adults loved them. She’s local and so creative! Follow her on instagram, she’s always sharing some really cool ideas for not only parties, but work events and other celebrations! Her instagram name is @sugarcookiesnc (Cookies by Nicole) and I love to watch her stories.

Gamecock Sugar Cookies

I did lots of random little things through the party. I did silver sports bottles for water or gatorade – I was going to do gamecock colors but decided there were very few SC fans coming and a neutral bottle would be better and tagged on a personalized little tag for everyone to take home as they left! These were super affordable and we even have a few extra I’ll probably put Mac’s name/monogram on for him!

Sports Bottle Party Favors

I also did buckets of garnet & black stress ball footballs and garnet pom poms throughout the party for the kids in wire buckets and used them around the party as decor. I’m pretty sure my child threw most of them into the bounce house because there was a basketball hoop! With each bucket I put a cheap framed sign that said “Have a Ball!”. I thought I took pictures of the black wire baskets filled with the balls/poms but I can’t find the photos now, oh well! I included that file, too just in case you want to use it.

Have a ball

Personalized popsicle holder koozie

My favorite thing I did for the kids was personalizing ice-pop holders... my son calls them popsicle koozies. After most of the kids had eaten dinner, I put a bucket of freeze pops out with some football safety-scissors tied to the handle for the kids to have popsicles. The only fail of my night: I forgot to put the koozies out, after I worked so hard to personalize them for all of the kids! So.. if you came to the party, come by and get them haha, I still have about 3 dozen of them to give out but I took a photo of one of each color and they turned out super cute.

Mac wanted in on the fun so he helped me paint a gamecock out of his hand 🙂 I love doing creative projects together!


Obviously the best part of the party was having a fun night with our best friends and family. My heart is overjoyed and our son had a blast, I think all of the kids did! We are so happy to celebrate our boy with all of the wonderful people who love him as much as we do.

I added a few links below for reference if you decide to throw an epic tailgate party with your own team mascots and colors!

Bottles | Plates | Tailgate Tent | Tailgate Chairs | Tailgate Chairs | Bucket | Football Stress Balls | Pom Poms | Popsicle Koozies | Light Box Sign | Beverage Bucket | Face Tattoos | Garden Flag |

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