2018 Halloween Costumes, Paw Patrol is on a Roll!

Our 2018 Halloween Costumes… The Paw Patrol is On a Roll

I know Halloween was more than a week ago at this point. I’m currently typing this as I pack away fall decorations and am about to decorate for Christmas, but I wanted to share our Halloween memories from this year & show you how I created our costumes with basically just duct tape!

I LOVE family time. While I’m not really into scary themed Halloween, I LOVE taking advantage of a night where we can all dress up together and have a family night of food, fun & trick or treating! For the past few years, I’ve made chili for our whole family before we head out. I linked costumes from past years here.

My fall table was all blue, white and gold this year – I loved using Brian’s grandmother’s plates we were just lucky enough to add to our collection! Doesn’t it look so pretty mixed in with what we already have?

blue and white fall table setting with gold pumpkin napkin rings

Similar Plates | Similar Napkins | Napkin Rings | Gold Chargers

If you have a toddler, especially a boy (or know one), you know Paw Patrol is everything. My husband and I can embarrassingly quote every line and sing every song. So, it was no question when Mac said he wanted to be Paw Patrol for Halloween this year. We did not realize he wanted ALL of us to be Paw Patrol, including my sister, brother-in-law, parents, cousin, etc. but we all obliged and had so much fun! We even did our pumpkins in Paw Patrol theme this year!

pumpkin happy everything

I think these cocktail napkins are hilarious šŸ™‚ I linked similar here.

The costumes

The real MVP of our costumes this year was duct tape! After seeing way too many Paw Patrol episodes, I decided just to buy a blue and a yellow roll of duct tape and add it to clothing we all already had. I printed out each dog’s puptag and laminated them, and strung them onto a ‘collar’ using a hole punch and ribbon!

Zuma: Unfortunately, Mac’s favorite character is Zuma (I think because his gear is orange and somehow my little Gamecock fan loves the color orange) BUT he’s one of the least popular. Hello, what boy doesn’t want to be Chase or Marshall? Of course I could find awesome costumes for literally every character except for Zuma. Not that I would’ve used a store-bought costume by itself but it still would’ve been a helpful guide! I lucked out, sort of, and found a brown dog costume that was at least one size too small but it was all I could find. Believe it or not, his brown dog costume is the only real costume purchase we made, even though it was TINY on him! I love cheap & homemade! I did find a pair of Zuma Sunstaches which are seriously such a great alternative to a mask, I know Mac would’ve hated a mask covering his face. I added a fleece orange vest he already had in his closet and put some blue duct tape on it with the laminated pup tag and it was done! I paired it with his favorite brown and camo boots to try to make up for how short the little brown costume was on him.

Paw Patrol Zuma Halloween Costume Homemade

Paw Patrol Zuma Chocolate Lab Halloween Costume

Ryder: Mac wanted my husband to be Ryder (the human) who has crazy big brown hair and wears jeans, a white shirt & Paw Patrol vest. A little hair spray, a pair of jeans & a white shirt and he was basically Ryder already haha. They actually do sell a Paw Patrol vest (here) if you’re interested but I knew my husband would never wear it again, so I decided just to add Duct tape in the design of Ryder’s vest to his red vest (similar) he already had. Once we finished trick or treating, we just peeled the duct tape off of all of our clothes. Note: I didn’t add the duct tape until the night before, I was worried about it leaving spots or residue on our clothes. It was on for about 24 hours and left no issues on anyone)

create paw patrol vest with duct tape

Marshall: Mac wanted me to be Marshall. I do have kind of a dalmatian spot obsession so no argument from me! They sell Marshall costumes for kids, dogs and adults dalmatian onesiesĀ but I already had a few dalmatian print pieces in my closet and I decided just to wear a dress I had and layer it with a red vest. Ā I only used yellow tape on my red cape & on one of Mac’s toy fire hats I borrowed. I used Marshall’s pup tag I made on the neckline and it worked out great. [I am obsessed with this white/black spotted dress but it’s not technically dalmatian, may have to buy this one!]

DIY Handmade paw patrol costumes

The rest of my family listened to Mac’s requests and played dress up with us! He assigned my mom to be Rocky, dad was Rubble, my sister was Skye (and freaking ROCKED it, even did her hair to have a tiny little bang just like Skye… and stood on a step ladder with her homemade jetpack/wings the entire night!), my brother in law was Chase (completed with police dog makeup!), my bestie/cousin was Everest and her boyfriend who Mac adores was Tracker. It turned out so cute! I made collars out of duct tape for everyone to tape onto their clothes and it actually worked out really well. You can see from the pictures how each person kind of created their character using normal clothes they already had and adding just the collars I made, duct tape to the border of their vests and some accessories!


awesome diy skye paw patrol costume
Paw Patrol Halloween CostumeYou can see all of us used clothes we already had – Mom wore a gray sweat suit with green vest to be Rocky. My sis just wore a really cute tan sweater with a pink vest and made wings out of cardboard to attach to her bookbag from middle school (haha). We did buy her husband a police hat to wear to be Chase and I grabbed my parents the sunglasses to match in case they weren’t into dressing. My cousin and her boyfriend just grabbed coordinating vests that we accented with the duct tape and puptag and it was perfect!

The funniest part was all the kids knew exactly who we were, which Mac LOVED!

I have added the character’s costumes for your next Paw Patrol party or future Halloween costumes (see how they have costumes for everyone, except Zuma, ugh! Even the newer characters Everest & Tracker):

We had the best time celebrating this year and are looking forward to a great Holiday season together! Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now it’s onto Christmas!!

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