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Pretty Pagoda Powder Room Remodel

chinoiserie pagoda powder room remodel

Pretty Powder Room Remodel

I’m finally getting to a point where we are finishing projects in the house and I actually have things to share! As my due date approaches, I’m busy finishing up the nursery and the baby’s new bathroom, too.

As soon as we moved in to our forever home, I knew the powder room was going to be a full renovation when we had the time and budget for it. The main reason I wanted it completely redone was that it had a huge oversized vanity built in and had carpet. Yes, carpet in the bathroom. I wouldn’t even go in that room except to clean it. The only thing I actually liked about the bathroom was that it was a centrally located powder room in the middle of the house perfect for entertaining – I just wouldn’t let anyone go in it because it was so ugly! When we lived in the old house, we added a powder room to an old wet closet that would be centrally located for entertaining and it was truly the best value we could’ve added to that sweet little house. 

The Before

Before the remodelThis is the day we walked through our house for the first time. I tried to update it a tiny bit with cute hand towels & a mirror upgrade but it needed much more than that!

First step was demo. My sweet husband ripped that carpet up so fast & I was immediately happier with the room! Next was ripping out the vanity – which was a terrible almond color that matched the trim throughout the room. Once the vanity was out, we discovered the room was actually wallpapered and painted over several times so we were going to have to patch where the seams of the vanity had clumped up old paint lines & wallpaper glue. The light fixture, mirror and even faucet were super outdated too so I knew I’d have some fun shopping!

The During

  • Flooring

We had one of our subcontractors that works on our house for projects come and lay the tile and I’m in love with how it looks! It’s the shiniest most veiny marble ceramic tile and is so much better than the carpet. It feels so clean in here!  This link is similar to what we selected and it was such a good price. I chose white grout because at that point I wasn’t sure what wallpaper or color I’d choose. I’m really happy with the flooring! We painted the base molding bright glossy white and it made such a difference!

  • Plumbing

Because we replaced the big vanity, we needed to figure out what kind of sink to use in the space. For a powder room, it’s not that tiny. We added a powder room at the old house and I loved the sink we used there. We did nicer finishes in this bathroom because at the last house, we knew we were designing for potential buyers, not really ourselves. As you can see, this bathroom was all for ME!

After looking for something similar, I decided on a classic white porcelain pedestal sink. I was kind of picky about the faucet (our sink was center set for the faucet, be careful when picking faucets so it matches the right holes!), I wanted it to be something classic but still modern without being too farmhouse or dark and rustic. We ended up selecting this and it looks exactly like I wanted it to!

Similar sink at a great price

For the toilet, we disposed of our old one because I honestly hated the shape and the height. Replacing the toilet was super easy once the flooring was done. I do want to change the flusher to a brass instead of chrome but it’s still a huge improvement like this!

  • Wallpaper

When the room was finally just down to subfloor, walls, ceiling and trim, I could finally get a picture of how it would look. I thought about painting it a color but really wanted something fun with some personality so started shopping for wallpaper.. I shopped for weeks and weeks and sent screenshots to my husband, sister and best friends all trying to narrow down choices that weren’t going to costs thousands. Of course, my first choice was going to be $2500 in wallpaper alone and my husband laughed out loud. I wanted to keep it in the greens and blues because the bathroom opens up to my navy grasscloth living room and you can see it from the navy trellis foyer. I am so happy with what I decided on. Hanging it while 8 months pregnant was not very fun, but after a weekend worth of work, it was exactly what I wanted! (I know, some people really hate wallpaper… I personally love it (obviously), but I am really picky about the patterns and brands I use! It must be high quality and something I feel like will be my style for years to come. Check out my closet wallpaper).

Similar option that is peel & stick – perfect for renters!

I’m really obsessed with this kelly green bamboo trellis. Would’ve definitely gone in this direction if the trellis foyer wasn’t so close by to the bathroom. The trellis we used in our old laundry room would also be really pretty in a small space! I was worried too much trellis would clash. And this version linked is peel & stick removable. 

I use this glue, even when the wallpaper was water activated this time because I was way too pregnant to be up on a ladder hoping it had become adhered properly. I have no regrets using it even though it wasn’t recommended to use wallpaper adhesive. I just brush it on, then book the paper for a minute or 2 before climbing up on the ladder to hang it!


The walls in this room are super fun and full of personality so I decided to try to focus on simple and classic white and gold. I loved my antique bamboo mirror but the gold was kind of flaking off anyway and after I saw the walls, I knew I’d love the mirror in a bright glossy white – so I sprayed the current mirror I had!

If you don’t feel like painting but like this look, these above are great options & I really love the shape!


For the light fixture, I narrowed it down to lots of lantern pagoda styles. I really like open cage lantern pendants. I almost splurged on one that would’ve required me to paint it either way and it was almost too cottage/rustic themed so I decided to buy one for 1/3 of the price that was black, and paint it myself with the same paint from the mirror. Definitely worth the 10 minutes and $5 of spray paint to save a few hundred dollars!

I was also picturing something like this but went for more clean lines and less expensive!

This is what we ended up getting for such a great price! I simply taped up the electrical that couldn’t get paint on it and it looks perfect!

diy painted light fixture

For hand towels, I’m still trying to decide what I want exactly but I got this ginger jar monogrammed one as a gift and it looks great for now in here!

For the toilet paper holder, I wanted a freestanding one so we wouldn’t be drilling into my wallpaper. I chose brass to keep it classic to match the faucet and love how it looks. The towel ring is also brass.

The walls still need some kind of decor but need to keep it super simple so thinking something along these lines.

I’m thinking I could possibly get a few of these and either leave them gold or paint them white and frame some simple family photos in black & white or even a few watercolor smears that coordinate. So many ideas, I need to finalize! I don’t know if I’ll ever be done redecorating every single room in this house.

Loving this foo dog style artwork too!

The After

I am so happy for people to come in this room now without me cringing! Isn’t it so much better? I need to find some simple frames or art or maybe even a shelf for above the toilet but I couldn’t wait to share! I showed it to someone who said “Oh it feels like a garden”.. which is totally what I was going for. Just a clean, happy, colorful space that stands out but also flows with the rest of this colorful house!

tahiti pagoda wallpaper powder room remodel

He was SO excited the water actually worked once my Dad helped us install the sink! This is before switched out the electrical on the wall and replaced the face plates. We are slowly but surely upgrading all of our faceplates in this house to the bigger/white modern ones instead of the almond old gross ones.

pagoda lantern with wallpaper in powder room remodel

Stay tuned.. we are about to wrap up the nursery and baby’s bathroom too and cannot wait to share! Also, shoutout to my husband for bearing with me for this renovation while I’ve been super sick, hormonal and exhausted, you’re a rockstar B!


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  • Reply Page Carver

    Once again, you have knocked this update out of the park! I cannot wait to meet Annie!

    June 18, 2019 at 7:45 am
    • Reply sarahmlevy

      Thanks Page! We are so excited!! Hopefully going to share her bathroom soon, it’s probably my favorite room so far!

      June 18, 2019 at 9:34 am

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