About Me

I’m from a small town in NC where I’ve lived basically my entire life. I was probably born in the wrong era – I love to spend weekends antiquing with my little family and there is almost always music older than my parents playing throughout our house. I love anything navy and think a monogram is always appropriate. To me, leopard is always a neutral and earrings are never optional.

After college, I met my now-husband, B. Then, I went to law school. My family and passions of art/home decor/projects make me way happier than those 3 years did though. In my second year of law school, we had the most perfect nautical, preppy wedding in Charleston, SC. I graduated with a JD, passed the bar, and now just dabble in law with my family business but would rather decorate and paint all day. Two years later, we welcomed our sweet baby dude and I’ve been the happiest little momma ever since. He is the light of our life and I could gush about him all day. Our 2 black labs, who take up too much of the bed, are also our children – our hearts and home are so full of love. And also, a lot of chaos. But mostly love.

I think that my happiness is made of my little boy’s laughter and big hugs from my husband and celebrating with friends. I’m notorious for using bright colors, bold patterns, and reviving old furniture, cooking way too much food & pouring way too much wine. This is my happy place where I plan to share fun design ideas, easy projects to DIY and maybe a random thought every now and then. Anyway, I’m so happy to finally get all of my crazy ideas out of my head and organized! Feel free to contact me or subscribe to get updates 🙂


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